On this episode, Mark Simon is joined by Nicole Neroulias Gupte. Nicole is an editor with Global Press Journal, a news organization working with women around the world covering undercovered countries.

She’s also the founder and executive editor of Trailing-Spouse.com, an online magazine and community that shares stories of expats, military families and significant others who have done adventurous things and reinvented their lives after partner-prompted relocations.

Nicole talked about the work she’s done at Global Press (using a recent story set in Sri Lanka as an example). She also shared both her journalism origin story and the origin story and development of Trailing Spouse – and the goals she has for it.

 She also shared tips and advice for those looking to follow her lead in either editing role and explained why it’s important to get your Nintendo reflexes going before going on Jeopardy.

For more on Global Press Journal, listen to our interview with editor-in-chief, Jessica Meyers.

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