On this episode we’re joined by Mariel Padilla. Mariel is a general assignment reporter for The 19th.

 The 19th is an independent non-profit newsroom reporting on gender, politics, and policy. It’s name invokes the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote.

She’s been with them for 2 years after working for a year as a reporting fellow for the NY Times. And she was a part of a Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage both at The Times and while interning at the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Mariel talked about the stories she’s worked on for each of those organizations.

At the Enquirer that involved collecting data for a major story on the opioid crisis. At the Times, she worked on breaking news (including obituaries) and unusual features. And at The 19th, she’s worked on a wide range of coverage including the January 6 Hearings, the military, Afghan refugees, and abortion legislation.

Mariel also explained what makes coverage at The 19th distinct. Be sure to listen for her wonderful quote about how she views being a journalist.

Mariel’s salute: MIT Technology Review


Covering Cassidy Hutchinson testimony

Liz Cheney’s comments during hearing

Story on Afghan refugees

How the women of congress remember Jan. 6

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