On today’s episode, we’re joined by James Queally, who covers courts, crime, and police for the Los Angeles Times. He previously had a similar job for the Newark Star-Ledger. 

James is the 2nd Pulitzer winner to join us (Ted Bridis is the other). He was part of a 2015 breaking news team that covered the San Bernadino terrorist attacks that won the Pulitzer. 

He’s also a book author – 2 novels.

James talked about his journalism origin story, how one phone call changed his interest from covering sports to covering crime. He also shared examples of reporting he’s done, from covering the recent trial of the man who murdered Nipsey Hussle to investigative work on racist police officers. And he talked about how he handles the grizzly nature of the job mentally.

James’ salute:

Keri Blakinger, Marshall Project

His website: JamesQueallyWriter.com

(includes links to his books)

His articles can be found here

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