On this episode, Mark Simon is joined by Aneri Pattani. She’s a national correspondent for Kaiser Health News based in Raleigh, North Carolina. She has a VERY full resume – with internships, reporting, and radio producing work. She has won an award from INN for her news reporting.

Aneri is also teaching an online class on responsible reporting of suicides on the Coursera online platform and gave examples of lessons she’s encouraging others to follow..

She talked about covering mental health, from why that subject is of interest to her, to how she comes up with ideas and pursues stories. She also shared what she learned from past work experiences, internships and volunteer work, including one with aspiring student journalists in Syria.

Key quote: “I believe being a journalist is akin to being a student for life” and that “a journalist can bring about enlightenment, emotion and change.”

Aneri’s salute:

Rhitu Chatterjeee, NPR Mental Health Reporter

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