On this episode Mark Simon talked to to Jen Maxfield. Jen is a reporter and substitute anchor for WNBC TV in New York. She’s has spent nearly 20 years reporting in and around New York City. She’s also the author of More After the Break from Greenleaf Press (out July 12) – this book revisits news stories from Jen’s reporting past.

It’s a book of storytelling and of where-are-they now reporting. It’s also a textbook of sorts that shows aspiring reporters – this is what it’s really like to do the work.

Jen talked to us about her journalism path, her storytelling process, and she explained how she mines details out of interview subjects, while always remembering to be empathetic. She also shared her biggest mistake and the impact it had on the rest of her career.

Jen’s Podcast: More After the Break

Jen’s Journalism Salutes:

News12 NY’s Judayah Murray and Jordan Kissane

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