On today’s show we’re joined by Amir Khafagy. Amir is a labor reporter for Documented – journalism created with and for immigrants and how policy affects their lives. He’s of Egyptian and Puerto Rican descent and grew up in a Muslim household. He’s with Documented as part of the Report for America Program.

Amir talked about his working-class upbringing, his work as a student and labor organizer that preceded his time as a journalist, and the work he currently does. He discussed the importance of covering both labor and immigration and explained how he comes up with story ideas (sometimes they even come from The People’s Court!).

He also spoke about the importance of Report for America and why the world needs more journalists from working class backgrounds.

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Amir’s Salutes: Labor reporters Mike ElkKim Kelly, and Claudia Aponte.

America Needs More Working-Class Journalists article


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