On this week’s episode, we are joined by Howard University junior Ashleigh Fields. Ashleigh is the editor in chief of The Hilltop, which is the student newspaper at the school.

Ashleigh talked about her journalism origin story (she watched her mom, a TV news anchor) and her enjoyment of all forms of writing.

She then discussed the big news story on campus – a housing crisis that led to the occupation of a prominent building at the school – and what it was like to cover it. She also explained the writing process she works through and the style she uses in producing a Letter from the Editor.

Ashleigh also conversed about the decisions she has to make as an editor-in-chief, the benefits of being at an HBCU, the big-name hires in the school journalism department, the access she’s had to different things by being in Washington DC, and why she holds the Charlotte Post in high regard.

A great episode for anyone interested in working in student newspaper leadership.

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