In this episode, Emmy Liederman is joined by two other student journalists, Hadriana Lowenkron and J.D. Duggan. Hadriana is the editor-in-chief of The Daily Pennsylvanian and JD is the city editor of The Minnesota Daily. 

They share what they’ve learned from covering race relations in their cities over the past year and best practices for making sure that all audiences are adequately represented in their reporting, as well as how they manage their mental health and take time for themselves. Hadriana and JD stressed that showing up to events and being eager to learn — even when you don’t have a byline — is the best way to help people tell their own stories.

They are candid about the struggles of being student journalists, but are also certain that this is made worthwhile by the fulfilment that comes from being in a newsroom, holding people in positions of power accountable and making a direct impact on the communities that they serve.