On this episode, Mark Simon talked to Khushbu Shah, the editor-in-chief of The Fuller Project.

Khushbu talked about The Fuller Project’s groundbreaking reporting on women around the world. She shared examples of reporting they’ve done and how they come up with the stories they publish on topics such as childcare challenges during the pandemic and immigration issues, focusing on the people impacted rather than the policies or legislation created to deal with them (similar to a previous episode guest, Ashton Lattimore from Prism).

She explained how the group spends months on story and does follow-ups after the fact and how it pairs with large organizations, like the New York Times and Associated Press to get its stories exposure.

Khushbu also shared lessons learned from working at CNN as a producer and from covering the Ahmaud Arbery case for public radio. She gave advice to aspiring journalists (learn another language if you want to work internationally!). And she picked a journalism organization that she wanted to salute.

The show also paid tribute to two important women in journalism history as part of Women’s History Month.

Special thanks to Emmy Liederman for editorial assistance (including questions used in the advice section).

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