On this episode, Mark is joined by Bettina Chang, one of the co-founders and executive editorial director for City Bureau, a Chicago-based non-profit journalism lab that both covers the city and works with the community to produce impactful, equitable and publicly-responsive reporting

Bettina talked about the group and what led to its formation in 2015. She explained how they try to reimagine local news by teaching local residents how to document what happens in public meetings along with the creation of journalism fellowships awarded to a diverse group of aspiring journalists who report for larger media outlets.

She also explained how the group provides essential public information, including the creation of a Zine to help prisoners file appeals. And she shared technological developments like a bot that tracks government bills, along with the website HasMyAldermanBeenIndicted.com.

Bettina concluded by offering advice to journalists looking to take the kind of approach that City Bureau does and shared a journalism organization that she would like to salute.

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