On this episode, Mark Simon is joined by Dr. Siri Carpenter, the co-founder of The Open Notebook, a science journalism organization that helps writers with every aspect of their work – from pitching articles to understanding terminology and data and much more.

Siri talked about how her career as a science writer, and what led her and Jeanne Erdman to start their website, and the resources her site provides. She shared the traits that make a good science writer, discussed the challenges of being a science writer, the idea of writing for Dr. Fauci’s aunt, and using narrative to articulate scientific information.

She also explained what The World’s Finest Science-Themed Peeps Diorama Contest is ( you have to see it to appreciate it!), offered advice to others interested in creating a journalism community, and picked multiple organizations that she wanted to salute.

*Important Links*

The Open Notebook website

Siri Carpenter’s Twitter and website

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Their book – The Craft of Science Writing