On this episode, Mark Simon talks with Teri Finneman and Nick Hirshon of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) – History Division. They are journalism professors at the University of Kansas and William Paterson University respectively.

Terri is the executive producer and co-host and Nick is a regular co-host of the podcast, Journalism History, a fun and interesting look at stories you might not have read about in your class textbooks.

They explained what the AEJMC is and their roles within the history division and shared some of the favorite history lessons they learned on their show. They explained what they are doing to make academic studies more accessible to journalists and the public through things such as their podcast.

They also explained their journalistic passions. Teri has done extensive research and written a book on press portrayal of women politicians (and also written about First Ladies). Nick studies sports media and subjects such as how sports talk radio influences public perception and how politicians latch on to sports teams in hopes of getting favorable coverage and rising in popularity.He’s written a book on the bizarre rebranding of the New York Islanders.

They also shared advice for aspiring journalists interested in trying podcasting and picked a journalism organization that they would like to salute.

Thank you for listening. Stay safe and stay well.


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