On this episode, Mark Simon talks to Darragh Worland, the vice-president of creative services for the News Literacy Project.

The News Literacy Project is a non-partisan non-profit group devoted to making people better news consumers using educational tools.

Darragh talked specifically about what the group does, about programs like Checkology that can be used by students, educators, and the public. She discussed ways to handle disinformation and misinformation, how social media and groups like QAnon make their work more challenging, and how the group is trying to educate people on the use of statistics in stories.

(** Note: This episode was taped before the news about Facebook’s QAnon ban broke**)

She also explained the goal of the Project’s new podcast, which she hosts – Is That a Fact?

Darragh also gave tips for aspiring journalists and talked about a group working with stopping the spread of disinformation that she wanted to salute.

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